The Reading Centre is an association of National Trust Members and volunteers that organise events for mutual enjoyment and with the objective of raising funds for National Trust properties.  Each year a significant amount of money is raised and it is used to fund specific projects mainly within the London and South East Region. The money is raised by making a small charge on all events, and from any surplus funds at the year end.

All members enjoy visiting National Trust and similar properties, and many also volunteer at local properties.  The emphasis of the association, however, is not solely on National Trust properties, our various activities encompass local history, geography, the countryside as well as a range of social activities. The surplus from our activities is used to fund a variety of projects in houses, countryside, and coastal regions owned by the National Trust. The Reading Centre decided that the 2018/2019 surplus of £12,500 would be donated as follows

£1,000 to Finchampstead Ridges

£1,500 to Basildon Park

£2,500 to Greys Court

£2,500 to Hughenden

£2,500 to Nuffield Place

£2,500 to The Vyne